The Teribe Tribe

The Teribe, a small indigenous tribe live in the mountainous Puntarenas region of Costa Rica, close to Buenos Aires. They are a deeply spiritual people with a close relationship to nature, depending on Mother Earth to give them the materials they need for food, medicine, and cultural expression through arts and crafts.

The Teribe culture was on the brink of extinction in Costa Rica, but members of the tribe are working to strengthen their cultural roots. They continue to make plant-based medicines, traditional masks and foods like chocolate by hand, all from materials they grow or gather themselves.

A visit to Térraba is a step back into a different time. The Teribe are excited to share their culture and history with the world, as they welcome visitors onto their lands and into their families. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the calm of a traditional, tribal way of life.

Discover a different Costa Rica, only in Térraba.

For more information on the Térraba tribe, visit terraba.org.