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Make Chocolate From Scratch

Brew your own hot chocolate. Join the Teribe as you cook and grind your own cocoa beans and create your hot chocolate the same way the Teribe learned from their ancestors.

After helping a guide pick the cocoa beans, you will be guided through the process of roasting. Afterwards, you’ll be given the opportunity to grind the beans into a chocolate paste using the ancient Teribe grinding stones. Add sugar and hot water, sit back and enjoy a delicious, truly authentic hot chocolate.

Find Hidden Treasures

For the adventurous types, take a guided tour over, under and through the wilderness to the beautiful Cueva de los Duendes waterfall and natural pool, downstream from a Teribe sacred site.

The excursion includes paths through the jungle, rappelling down a mountainside, climbing between rocks in a stream and swimming between boulders as you work your way to a secret waterfall sheltered by a gorgeous canopy.

Learn to Cook Like a Native

Learn to cook the Teribe way. Costa Ricans are known for their exotic foods, and the Teribe are no different. From delicious fresh fruits that you can pick yourself to open-fire smoked beef, the Teribe have a wide variety of culinary delights to please any taste. In the evenings, try some chicha, a traditional alcoholic beverage fermented from corn.

You can also get cooking lessons from the Teribe while sipping on Costa Rican coffee and traditional medicinal teas.

Visit Quebrada Aguacate Waterfall

Water has always played a major role in the lives of the Teribe, and the sacred Quebrada Aguacate waterfall is a special place to visit. Located just off the Pan-American Highway, this waterfall is an easy-to-visit spiritual location.

Visitors can feel the power of nature by standing under the waterfall or take a relaxing dip in a nearby stream or natural pool. The Quebrada Aguacate waterfall offers picturesque views of the nearby Rio Térraba.

Climb to the top of this towering waterfall to swim in a secluded natural pool.

Experience the Farm Life

Get a taste of the simple life in Térraba at a local farm. Visitors can ride horses and partake in farm activities like milking cows. Meals include organic foods such as homemade cheeses and ice cream. The farm is a short hike from a beautiful, natural pool with crystal-clear water.

The Florez-Gomez family runs the farm to support their daughters’ education. Their eldest daughter, Nallely, was the inspiration for the project and has Down Syndrome.

See Our Archaeological Roots

This recently discovered site is one of the most important finds in modern Teribe history. A University of Costa Rica study has found artifacts from a Teribe village dating back to the 1500s, proving that the Teribe have occupied this land since that time.

Talk to modern tribe members about the significance of this site and hold a piece of history, like a coin from the Spanish Colonial period.

Hike to the Sacred Mano de Tigre

Take a hike and learn about the legend of Mano de Tigre. The Mano de Tigre sacred site showcases a unique stone with the imprint of a tiger paw, near the top of one of the local mountains. The Teribe deeply revere this stone. Those who visit it can gather strength and courage, much like the Teribe do whenever they see it.

Around the Mano de Tigre are some of the most picturesque views in all of Térraba, creating a powerful and spiritual experience.

Take Home a Piece of Our Culture

Térraba is home to some of the most unique jewelry, dresses and masks in the world, the majority of which are handmade in the same fashion as they were centuries ago. Take a unique piece of Teribe culture with you, or better yet, help make one.

Learn more about arts and crafts

Experience the Beauty of Our Land

The view from Térraba will take your breath away. Everywhere you look, majestic mountains cloaked in bright white clouds and lush forests remind you that you are far from home.

Tourists can take guided tours to various sites around Térraba, including sacred areas such as the Mano de Tigre. Our lands include farmlands and sugar cane fields as well as rainforests and streams, with abundant birds and animals to accompany you. No two walks are ever the same.