El Descanso

Albergue Cucuyan

Loft Style

House Style

El Descanso

Set in a clearing in the woods, El Descanso gives tourists a perfect blend of views and activities. It sits right next to a small Teribe town that hosts activities, and has a souvenir shop and a large dining/entertainment area.

El Descanso offers accommodation for up to 25 people in several, reconfigurable cabins that can each hold at least three beds and has a private bath with showers, sink and flushable toilet. Bed sheets, towels, soap and mosquito nets are supplied. El Descanso is handicapped accessible.

Albergue Cucuyan

Albergue Cucuyan is the ideal place to stay for those looking to escape into the wild. This location offers a variety of accommodations, with the option to camp. The facilities can hold up to ten people, so this location is suitable for larger groups. It has a natural, rustic style and is open to the elements. Albergue Cucuyan is located close to the Río Grande de Térraba and near scenic waterfalls and natural pools. It includes a fire pit and plenty of hammocks to relax in. Be a part of nature as you are lulled to sleep by the sounds of the forest. This serene, secluded location provides a stunning view of the stars and a peaceful atmosphere.

Mano de Tigre Loft

Climb the ladder to your own private, open-air platform in a traditional Teribe hut featuring gorgeous mountain views. Mattresses, pillows, sheets and mosquito nets ensure a good night’s sleep for up to five people. If you prefer, there is room to set up your own tent and camp while still having access to full bathrooms. Your hosts are Teribe women who can share how they make their traditional clothing and jewelry.

Mano De Tigre Cultural Center

Fully immerse yourself into the lives of the Teribe as you stay with a local family. These four comfortable homes can accommodate a total of ten people with access to bedrooms, baths and hammocks. Guests can also enjoy access to an outdoor kitchen, dining and living area. It is a close walk to the Mano de Tigre cultural center, the library and multiple stores.